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Sleeping Pill: 2010 FIFA World Cup

Can anyone prove me wrong?  I'm throwing it out there.  Can anyone, without 'googling' it, name five US soccer players on this year's 2010 World Cup squad and name 5 international players on any of the teams?  I don't think it can be done.

Football dominates the sporting world in the United States, and I realize soccer is a growing sport, but it can't overcome the fact that:  It's just too boring.  The action is limited, and its like watching a high school cross-country meet and then having them kick around a ball.

Most sports fans in the US will have to take a break from ESPN for a bit for they decided to broadcast just about every second of every game in South Africa.  I wonder how they ratings will be, especially in the context of comparison.  They won't touch the Super Bowl, probably not come close to the NBA Finals, and may not even beat the recent debut of Major League Baseball pitcher, Stephen Strasburg.

The madness will heat up around the world over the 2010 World Cup, but it'll pale in comparison here in the US.  I, along with many others, will be waiting for its end, so we can get back to normal sports broadcasting.